Beginning again!

I’ve been thinking of you, my friends, but haven’t been active on these pages since we returned from Baltimore, as we settled back in Nashville, moved to our new home in Green Hills in a neighborhood filled with friends and rich in the wonderful, kind support that comes from living in a close community. I’ve had my hands deep into the novel I started writing in Baltimore, then rewriting and rewriting and rewriting, as one must. I love this work!

We walk our beautiful streets with the old lady, Carly, our Irish setter. We welcome the finches and white-crowned sparrows, the black-capped chickadees, and the cardinals to our feeders, and a junco came to the seeds I threw on the snowy patio this morning, and then Mr. Towhee, dressed in his colorful tux. We garden on a patio with bright pots and border plantings in summer, and as many herbs as we can. We cook together. We keep working.

I’ll be posting poems, observations, stories, essays that might smack sometimes of memoir. Short stories are a challenge I’m wading into, and I’ll throw some short-shorts your way. The novel? Still have faith in it. Your recommendations are welcome.

Since I’m just now setting up again, it will take me a while to update. I hope you’ll visit often. —Georganne

Stay well. Wear masks. Be strict with protocols. Let’s beat this pandemic. And let’s keep spirits up in the way that works for each of us! —

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