Still April 3rd, 2021–A Hike

A hike with my daughter Andrea at Warner Parks’ Burch Reserve took us three miles to the top of the ridge and woods lying between Highway 100 and Highway 70 and thereby led us to the top of our spirits and sealed us into the newness of this season. The early wildflower spring beauty carpets the sides of the trail, may apples’ shiny leaves are newborn, tiny trillium are beginning their growth, and even the spider wort is showing its distinctive design. Redbuds dot the woods with bright wine-pink, and dogwood is unfolding her wounded blossoms.

First, I’d like to express my appreciation to the Warners and all the donors and all the workers who gave our city this wonderful place to enjoy; who understand the gifts of nature for body, spirit, and mind. It is an enormous gift, as are the parks their family donated many, many decades ago. Thank you, all of you!

Second, hurray for coming mole-like out the tunnel of the pandemic into the light of cheer, cautious confidence, and exertion in the company (generously spaced) of others, all seeking beauty and exercise and perhaps some solitude among the trees and by the ponds. The wild turkeys greeted us. A pileated called with its raucous laugh. Here at my desk, I feel I’m on top of the world!

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